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Chad Johnson Left His Server A $963 Tip, In Honor Of Terry McLaurin's Receiving Yards



This guy is just a mensch. A mensch I tell you. He often tweets out pictures of leaving large % tips on bills, that's nothing new, he's always been a very generous guy. But $963? That's incredible. All in honor of Scary Terry's league leading number of receiving yards, no less. It's just fantastic to see. And he doesn't do it to brag or anything like that, he just knows he has extra money and likes paying it forward. And his server could not have appreciated it more:



How about his lovely mother? What a doll. And of course, very true sentiments shared. We're a few days out from December. Christmas is going to be very hard for a lot of people. Try to be kind. Try to be generous if you can. 

The way it's looking right now, December is going to absolutely fucking suck especially for the bad/restaurant industry. No other way to put it. So whenever you think about being a dick, or maybe you do well for yourself and have a cool bartender or server, think "what would Chad Johnson do" and leave a meatier tip than normal. A little tip can go a long way.


PS: Terry McLaurin is so awesome.