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Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere: At 2am Nova Decided To Stay In Bubbleville And Book Another Game Against Virginia Tech

Anytime. Anywhere. Anyplace. College basketball scheduling in 2020, save that one Jon Rothstein. Honestly? I love it. I've said before we need to get to 20ish games for each team. Yeah, we'll have conference games, but the more nonconference games you bank, the better it is for you come March. Just facts that's being talked about throughout the country. So what's Nova doing? They are staying in Bubbleville in Connecticut and saying come play us here Virginia Tech. Fucking love it. Is it the best team? Nope. But we're getting an ACC vs Big East game now on Saturday that wasn't even supposed to be happening. You just book games and get shit on the schedule. Play any team at any point. Why not? Nova can be 3-0 with wins over Boston College, Arizona State and Virginia Tech? Not too shabby.

Also love that this happened at 2am. There's no doubt in my mind Jay Wright poured himself a gin and tonic and started making calls. Might have had one too many and started doing what we all do. Text people you shouldn't. 'Hey it's Jay. Wanna hang out Saturday night?' Been there before. It's maybe worked once and that for sure failed either way. 

PS: Go ahead and buy a sweatshirt. I heard if 1,000 people buy sweatshirts from Bench Mob, they'll actually beat me on a tweet regarding college basketball. Win-win for the company.