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Ron Rivera Ran The Annexation of Puerto Rico Right In The Cowboys Faces And He Credits "Little Giants" For The Play


Not only did our Washington Football team humiliate, murder, and destroy the Cowboys in Dallas last night, they did it in style too. First off, Antonio Gibson, take a bow my friend. 3 TDS, the first rookie to score 3 TDs on Thanksgiving since a guy named Randy Moss. 

But how about Riverboat Ron running The Annexation of Puerto Rico right in the Cowboys faces? Right in Mike McCarthy's frumpy fat face. 



And yes, he gives full credit to Little Giants for the play.


Is this what it's like having a fun team? If we can plug in some pieces (still need another WR, some Oline help, and the secondary can be suspect at times), this team is a blast to watch with the young Dline, McLaruin and Gibson, and a head coach who seems to get what he's doing. Yes, I suppose stability at QB would be nice as well, but that's for a different day.

Also, before I leave you, one more time give it up for Terry. And that tackle he made that completely changed EVERYTHING. God he is great.