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Happy Thanksgiving! Beat Dallas!!!!


I'll tell you what. Fuck Dallas. Every year we get the same ol' question- "would you rather beat Dallas or get a better draft pick" and I tell you what, it's beat Dallas every time. Sure the rivalry isn't what it once was, but when it's game day, all I want to do is kill the Dallas Cowboys. Annihilate them. I fucking hate them. I want nothing but bad things for them. I want Jerry Jones to suffer. And I want us to blow them the fuck out today, and I think we will.

I feel GREAT about today, and it's not just the bottle of wine and hors d'oeuvres speaking. I think we cause absolute CHAOS in Dallas. I see Antonio Gibson with 2 TDs. I see Scary Terry going for a smooth 140. I see Chase Young and Montez Sweat eating Andy Dalton alive. Mike McCarthy is about to get buzzsawed to death. 

I need this win. I feel so good about it. HTTWFT. Let's eat.