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Alex Trebek Recorded A Touching Thanksgiving Message For The World Before He Passed Away

I didn't think we'd be doing tears today but here we are. RIP again to a legend. Of all the people who shouldn't have had such a sunny disposition about the future it should have been Trebek. But this short clip shows just how strong he was. That no matter how many odds are stacked up against you there's no reason to sit there and pout because it doesn't accomplish anything. Like sure you can sit there and ask "Why me?" and turn cynical against the world around you, but what does that solve? Who does that help? If the man on death's doorstep wanted us to be thankful and turn our eyes towards brighter days then dammit that's exactly what we're going to do. No more bellyaching, no more complaining, We're in this together and we're getting out of it together because Trebek the GAWD said so. And that's the bottom line.