Watch Michigan State Star Joshua Langford Make His First Basket In 2 Years After Nearly Retiring Because Of Injuries

Nothing like a little feel good story on the first day of college basketball. Even I'm a sucker for something like that. Langford hasn't played a game since December 29, 2018. Think about that for a second. The dude was one of the best players for Michigan State, forming a backcourt with Cassius Winston. It was worst case scenario for a basketball player. Foot surgery. We see so many careers ended because of that sort of injury. Guys are bouncing back from ACL's and everything like that. But a foot injury always seems like worst case scenario.

Then last season during the preseason it was rumored he looked good and was ready to go although again with a foot injury you always have some doubt. Naturally, he had to have surgery again and shut down for the year. He legit was going to quit the sport. The guy who averaged 15 a game before he got hurt in the 2018-19 season. He's a career 41% 3pt shooter. He was a top-20 recruit, by all accounts it was going to be insane that his career was just over. 

And now here we are and he's drilling a three, which may seem insignificant, but it's not. Michigan State needs Langford to help out this year. He needs to be in the rotation to keep Michigan State as a Final Four candidate. They need that size from the guard spot and depth at the guard spot. Either way here we are and it's awesome. Need the good juju for late night sweats.