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Large Adult DK Metcalf Is Clearly Terrified About Carson Wentz Turning Things Around On Monday

Bryan Bennett. Getty Images.

At this point I just feel truly awful for DK Metcalf. This man has to wake up every morning with the agony that the Eagles passed over him multiple times in the draft, and that his hands don't get the opportunity to grab Carson Wentz's balls every Sunday. Instead, he's stuck catches passes from a guy who nicknamed himself "Mr. Unlimited". It must be brutal for this noted large adult. 

To make matters worse, the Seahawks will be facing Wentz and the Eagles this upcoming week on Monday Night Football. Now anybody with a set of eyes can tell you that Carson Wentz has looked god awful this season. We're talking pure white dog shit. So ahead of the game, ESPN's Jordan Schultz floated the question out on Instagram asking if the Eagles should start Jalen Hurts at quarterback over Carson Wentz. One familiar face was in the comments. 

DK Metcalf would emphatically vote YES. But as a journalist, it's always important to ask why. Why would DK Metcalf, a member of the Seattle Seahawks who are facing the Eagles this week, want Jalen Hurts to be the starter over Carson Wentz? Could it possibly just be the fact that Metcalf is a fan of Jalen Hurts from his days at Alabama and Oklahoma? Or could something else be going on here. 

Let us not forget that the NFL is a business. And in this business, wins are everything. DK Metcalf wants to win. DK Metcalf needs to win. And I think it's clearly obvious he feels that Jalen Hurts starting on Monday night against Seattle would give the Seahawks the best opportunity to win. Because as long as Carson Wentz is under center, there's always the chance that he could turn things around. 

Just listen to Dan Orlovsky. We may not be able to say any longer that Carson Wentz is a great quarterback, but he also is not an inherently bad one either. He's not bad, he's just broken. And broken can be fixed. 

Sidenote:  I hope everybody has at least one person in their life who loves them as much as Dan Orlovsky loves Carson Wentz. 

But that's the truth right there. Carson Wentz has been playing like dog shit. He has been truly awful. But he can be fixed. It could take a year, it could take however many more days we have until Monday. You never know. But DK Metcalf doesn't want to take that risk. He wants Jalen in the game because he wants wins. But not today, satan. Possibly on Tuesday if Carson has another abysmal start. But certainly not today.