Check Out This Insane Drone Footage of a Hammerhead Circling an Oblivious Swimmer

Source - CHILLING drone footage captured a 10ft-long hammerhead shark stalking a clueless swimmer floating on his back.

The terrifying video showed the man blissfully unaware of the menace lurking below while he relaxed in clear blue waters off a beach in Miami, Florida.

Hammerheads are known for their ability to make very sudden and sharp turns, according to Sharksider.

The nail-biting footage was captured by drone photographer Jason McIntosh, 41, from Miami.

He was flying his drone over the water, 25 meters away from the shore, on November 15 when he captured the amazing scene.

Jason told Jam Press: “I was flying the drone just checking out the south beach for taking pictures. My passion is to shoot wildlife in the ocean. ...

“I had no way to warn him.”

The swimmer was so oblivious to the shark’s presence, he was even filmed giving the thumbs-up sign to the camera at one stage.

This is something I do. Not. Need. Even if it demonstrates what they always tell us during Shark Week that these majestic creatures are not the ravenous, insatiable killing machines we make them out to be. That they're actually quiet, shy loners who'd rather avoid all human interaction, I always like to remind my TV out loud "That's what they say about all serial killers." 

I like the water. I've been living within a half hour of the ocean my whole life. It's a refuge. A place to relax in the bounty of nature. So I don't need drone footage like this to remind me next summer that when I'm there, I'm a pale cheeseburger. That while I'm coated in SPF 45, I might as well be slathered in ketchup like Patrick Mahomes' Thankgiving turkey. Or that sardine oil Carole Ballard used to get tigers to eat her husband's corpse (allegedly). That I'm swimming in an Old Country Buffet and evolution's greatest killing machines are sliding their plastic trays up to me. 

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I hate to speculate about such things, but I think that if you're power ranking the Worst Ways to Die, Eaten By a Shark would be right up there with Strapped to a Chair in a Torture Room and In the Bottom of a Well in the Basement of a Guy in Clown Makeup. I just hope that if it happens, there is a drone overhead recording it. I like to think that I'd accept my fate and at the very least make good viral footage. That I'd try to ride the shark's back like Aquaman. Maybe try to mouth the words "THIS IS NOT A BOATING ACCIDENT!" Maybe try to swing his hammer head like an actual hammer. Do something to make Barstool proud and get a few last pageviews in before I die horribly. But if I'm being honest, I just imagine I'd turn the water brown before I turned it red. 

I think next Memorial Day I'm just getting a drone and staying on shore like this McIntosh kid. Or just go golfing instead. This is bananas.