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Cincinnati Basketball Coach Says Three Different Teams Called Him This Morning To Convince Them To Travel Right Away And Play A Game Tomorrow

Yeah, this is going to be standard for nonconference games. It's part of college basketball this year. Cincinnati was supposed to be in Indiana playing an event with Loyola Chicago and Duquense, which is no longer happening. Gotta admit, I love this move though. Teams are scrambling and Cincinnati can get to a million of colleges by bus in a 4 hour radius. Not saying it's these schools that are calling but in 4 hours you can get to Notre Dame, Indiana, Butler, DePaul, Louisville, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pitt, Ohio State, WVU and all the MAC schools and a million other mid-majors. It makes sense to call up Cincinnati and be like yo how do you feel about getting on a bus right now and playing tomorrow.

Honestly, I just love the AAU feel to this all. If you played AAU at all you know exactly what I'm talking about. It doesn't matter if you played in the early 2000s or now. You have no idea what team you're playing against half the time. You just show up and all of a sudden a team that's scheduled to play has new jerseys or a guy alternating jerseys at halftime to join them. It was a shit show, but it was our shit show. That's how I feel about college basketball this season. Games are going to happen, we just have no idea until the day of. 

I just need to make sure we have a college hoops team not go the path of BYU football

Gotta get to 20ish games in the regular season including conference games. Give me any team, any time, any place. Scout on the bus, roll out the ball and play 40 minutes of basketball. We're under 24 hours to go.