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On Thanksgiving Patrick Mahomes Likes To Slather His Turkey With Ketchup, As Is Tradition



We can sit here and talk about how gross this is. We can sit here and talk about how gravy should be the only thing you smother your turkey with. I mean, aside from everything else on the plate, that is. We can go on and on and talk about how ketchup is only good for hot dogs and french fries. But none of us are Patrick Mahomes, so we don't really have much of an argument here, do we?


TMZ - Patrick Mahomes says he loves the tomatoey stuff SO MUCH, he's planning on slathering it all over his Thanksgiving Day meal!!!

The K.C. Chiefs superstar -- well known for his love of ketchup -- confirmed with the guys on KCSP 610 Sports Radio on Monday that he will, in fact, even put ketchup on his turkey.

"Yeah, dude, I mean come on," Mahomes said. "You got to put ketchup on that!"

In fact, Mahomes says if ham is part of his Thanksgiving feast Thursday as well ... that'll get the ketchup treatment too!!!

And, when the guys asked him if he was joking ... Mahomes said flat-out, hell no!

"Come on," the Chiefs star said with a laugh, "you know me better than that!"


This dude just fucking loves ketchup more than you love anything. I bet if he could keep one thing in his life, football or ketchup, he'd choose ketchup. He puts it on everything he eats, including mac and cheese, and yes, his steak.




And the thing is, if he didn't already win a Super Bowl, we'd be able to make cracks like "he'll never win the big one as long as he lathering everything up with ketchup"…but we can't even say that. We just have to accept Mahomes is our food overlord, and we are the peasants for not dipping our Thanksgiving turkey in ketchup.