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The Kardashians Snubbed Pete Frates Wife In Cannes



US Weekly – Maybe they just didn’t realize?! Julie Frates, wife of Pete Frates, one of the founders of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, had an unfortunate experience when she ran into Kim Kardashian and her mom, Kris Jenner, in Cannes on Wednesday, June 24. After her husband’s co-founder’s wife Jenn Quinn took to Facebook noting they were left in “shock by the lack of caring and engagement” from the stars, Frates tells Us Weekly exclusively they simply wanted to introduce themselves and thank Kardashian for her involvement.Maybe they’re so used to people coming on to them too strong and that’s why she immediately shut us down. We were probably a little misunderstood, but it is what it is.”

Listen nobody is more Team Frate Train than me but what are we even talking about here? Oh the Kardashians were jerks? Gee you don’t say! I mean are we talking about practice? Practice. Yeah no shit the Kardashians were assholes. It would be like saying Kanye was a jerk when you went up to say hello to them. You really think Kim Kardashian gives a fuck about the Ice Bucket Challenge? She probably doesn’t even know why she was doing it in the first place.She probably thinks it was for her. So yeah it sucks that she didn’t take a picture but Karadashians are gonna Kardashian.