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FINALLY! Two Lucky Stoolies Split $25,000 Progressive Jackpot After Winning the Pigskin Parlay


For 10 straight weeks, hundreds of thousands of Stoolies have been entering the Pigskin Parlay on the Play Barstool app. But last night, we had our first ever set of winners.

Entering last night's game between the Rams and the Buccaneers, 18 folks went a perfect 8-for-8 on the Sunday Slate. That elite group then had to pick the EXACT score of Monday Night Football, and if that happened, they would win or split the $25,000 Progressive Jackpot (plus the $1,000 in guaranteed prizes). Here were their entires:

The majority of these submissions consisted of "football numbers," so by halftime, all but one person was still mathematically alive (shoutout to your 7-7 tie, DaniGrace). 

And then we ended the third quarter, when it was 24-17 Rams, which left us with about half of the field remaining. In the first 10 weeks of the season, we usually had no more than two or three people in this position. So, safe to say things were looking good.

Chris Godwin's touchdown with 3:53 remaining tied the game at 24, and with that, we brought on "fino2180" to the Pardon My Take live stream, who was one of two people to have 27-24 Rams as their final score.

Fino, a resident of New Jersey, told Hank and I that his two teams are Penn State AND the Jets! A combined record of 0-15. This man was simply due for a win. So, with two minutes left, Tom Brady delivered in a way you usually wouldn't expect from the GOAT…

With some nice clock management by PMT recurring guest Sean McVay, it became official. $13,000 to a pair of folks who spent 60 seconds making their picks for FREE!

It could be you in this exact position next week. MAKE YOUR PICKS NOW!!!