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Soccer Player Grabs Opponents Dick Not Once, But Twice, Ends Up Not Getting Called For Foul

One of the coolest aspects of soccer is the multiple levels of competition throughout countries. It would be like if the NFL, XFL, AAF, and Arena Football League were all connected. If you played well in the XFL, your franchise would be moved up to the NFL and replace a team that was awful.

In England, the top tier competition is, of course, the Premier League. The second league is called the Championship. The rules? They are the same. For example, you can't grab another dudes cock:

This is firmly against the rules. You cannot do this. The ref may have missed it, but the Football Association did not:

Darnell Fisher appears to be a multiple time offender when it comes to grabbing others genitals:

Seems like Darnell Fisher has some Luis Suarez in him. Instead of biting, he just grabs butts and dicks.

A similar incident happened in a Six Nations Rugby match between England and Wales on March 7th:

Joe Marler was suspended for ten weeks for grabbing a Wales players dick. Ten whole weeks! You could expect the same suspension for Darnell Fisher. The two are very similar during and after, as both players just laughed it off after the cock grab. Just dudes being dudes.