Ken Jennings Will Host The First Jeopardy Episodes Filmed After Alex Trebek's Death

This news is clearly not a surprise at all considering Ken Jennings was already guest appearing to ask questions for certain categories this season and he is the closest thing to what would be an acceptable person to even dream of trying to fill the unfillable shoes of Alex Trebek. For all the shit I gave Ken Jennings as a Big Brain James superfan, I am 100000000% behind him getting first crack at trying to be the first person to get the opportunity to do it if they weren't going to end the show after Trebek's death. He clearly has the trivia chops after becoming the most famous Jeopardy superpower during his run, seemed to be liked by Alex, and they clearly rigged the entire GOAT Tournament by feeding Brainless Brad all the Daily Doubles so Ken could win in order get the approval of the Jeopardy diehards (I can't prove this but believe it in the bottom of my soul). 

It would be a waste of all of our time if Ken didn't get at least a chance to stand behind that podium and make it feel like he was doing anything but being a permanent substitute for our favorite teacher. Again, you could make a case that Alex Trebek actually became bigger than Jeopardy and "replacing" him with anybody is a work in futility. But I'm sure a bunch of people that make their livelihood working on the show as well as a bunch of advertisers signing checks to Jeopardy in order to enter our living rooms every night would politely disagree. So to Ken, I leave these pearls of wisdom uttered before another mission that seemed impossible.

I also like the idea of some guest hosts, which should help ease the burden on being the guy to replace THE GUY. Namely I want Will Ferrell to come on and do some legit hosting, either as himself or as Celebrity Jeopardy Trebek. We could all use some more smiles these days and what better time to start than during the first few days of 2021. Actually you know what? Let's jump ahead a couple of weeks by going back and rewatching when Trebek joined SNL during an episode of Celebrity Jeopardy.