Dude Somehow Gets His Head Stuck In A Trash Can During A Charity Golf Outing




How?  How does that happen?  That’s what everybody is wondering.  I’ve been as drunk as you can be on a golf course and never once have I thought about sticking my entire head into a trash can for any reason.  Not unless maybe there was a beer in there.  Or maybe he lost a bet.  That’s really the only plausible explanation.  Also, notice how you don’t see the guy’s family anywhere.  No wife or kids to be found.  Nobody screaming to get their Dad’s head unstuck.  I guarantee that’s because they know Dad.  They know Dad real well.  They can tell when he’s on the verge of getting Stick My Head In A Trash Bin drunk.  Once they saw that look in his eye, they bounced.  Nothing good can happen once Dad gets to that level.  So Mom packed the kid’s into the mini van and sped as fast as she could away from the golf course.  Let his buddies handle it this time.  There’s only so many times a person can apply vaseline to their significant’s others neck before it has to end in divorce.  She got outta there to save the marriage.