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An Oklahoma State Equipment Manager Broke His Rib In An Alleged Assault By An Oklahoma Student During Bedlam

College football is a crazy, crazy world. Those who don't follow it don't really understand it. I compare it to those who don't follow soccer. Why are these fans so obsessed with a game that ends 1-0?

Rivals bring the worst out of anybody, the same goes in college football. Unfortunately, this weekend during Bedlam (Oklahoma State - OU), there was an assault. To make matters worse, it wasn't just two drunk fans going at it, the assault was on an Oklahoma State equipment manager:

As always, we want to put the emphasis on alleged...however, would I be surprised if it happened? No. You have a bunch of drunk Oklahoma students and got a little too physical with an Oklahoma State equipment manager. It's a rivalry game. At night. Should it have happened? No, of course not. I am 100% anti-assault!!

Hopefully, the Oklahoma State equipment manager has a full recovery. Steve Lackmeyer won't sleep until the alleged criminals are locked behind bars!

Oklahoma fans have fully moved to a "what about THIS incident" mode:

Gotta love the culture of college football. Never are you as bad as your rival, even when your own fans may have assaulted a member of the equipment staff.