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Sorry Rick Pitino, We Should Not Be Talking About Delaying The College Hoops Season At All

We're less than 48 hours before Towson and San Francisco tip at 9am and people are losing their shit. I get it. Everything seems bad. You're hearing teams cancel games and pause activities due to positive tests. Here's just what we have today: 

Don't get me wrong, it sounds shitty. It's not positive to see this stuff happening less than 48 hours before games tip. But here's the thing. It's not the end of the world. All these people freaking out and talking about pushing the season back make absolutely no sense. Why? There are 357 teams in Division I. There are also these stories coming out: 

Games are being played! Shit the No. 1 team in the country is heading to Florida to play Kansas on Thanksgiving day! 

Games are going on across the country. We're seeing teams in Connecticut at Bubbleville adapting and rescheduling. That's why it makes no sense to listen to Rick Pitino currently screaming on Twitter

Pushing the season back does absolutely nothing. There's no timeline where we say oh okay we can play in January and won't have any problems. The same goes for just having conference only games. You just have to keep adjusting on the fly because we haven't had shit like this before. There is no protocol when it comes to seeing how we handled a pandemic in a previous year for an entire season. You can plan on pushing the NCAA Tournament back if you have to take a break, but there are hundreds of games being played still this week. That's why it's stupid to push the season back. Teams have to try and get to 20 games. If you can play 3 this week, 2 next week and then have to take 2 weeks off, you at least have five in the bank. It's all about getting to the NCAA Tournament and pushing the season back doesn't guarantee anything.

Less than 48 hours to go. Games will be played. Games will be cancelled. Just don't start screaming and freaking out every single time there's a pause. It's going to happen.