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The Marquez Valdes-Scantling Experience is a Rollercoaster But That Doesn't Mean You Send The Guy Death Threats When Shit Hits The Fan

AJ Mast. Shutterstock Images.

(I must have checked 1000 times to see if Liz was writing this blog. One thousand. Goddamit)

The aftermath of yesterday's Packers overtime loss to the Colts was ugly. Reporters going for players' heads, fans sending death threats, jobs being called for, just pure chaos. Would have I preferred the Packers to not blow a two touchdown lead and then fumble the game away in overtime? 

No question, but the overreaction has been bananas. Packers reporter Mark Daniels asked LaFleur straight up how can he live with MVS. There's blunt questions and then there's that. 

Listen I'm all about going against the grain of the cookie cutter questions from the media, but that shit is garbage. Did MVS fumble the ball in OT? Yes. Did he also draw a 50 yard DPI call to end the first half that directly set up a touchdown? Sure did. How about the 50 yard snag on 3rd down backed up on their own 6 with 1:17 left? 

Seemed like a big play to me. That's the MVS experience and you live with it. You don't know what you're going to get. Great answer by coach after such a wild question. If the front office isn't going to trade for Will Fuller or even think about drafting Rodgers a wide receiver in the early part of the draft then you're going to live and die with a guy like 5th rounder Marquez Valdes-Scantling making plays. Coming into Sunday his last two games were 4 for 149 and TD vs. Jacksonville and 2 for 53 with 2 TDs against San Fran. Dude had put together maybe three of the best games he's ever had and we're wondering how we can live with him? Is it a rollercoaster anytime the ball is about to approach this man? No doubt, but you sign up for that based off what he can do. Motherfucker was receiving death threats because of the first fumble of his NFL career? Come on man. I get the timing of the turnover was awful, but get a grip of yourself. The fuck is wrong with you? 

I loved the wide receiver's response about addressing the media today

Good on him. His teammates have his back for sure and they will moving forward. Aaron Jones immediately went over to him after the fumble to try and pick him up. Now if only LaFleur wanted to give his all-pro running back the fucking ball maybe we wouldn't have been here. Or play Gary over Preston Smith? Or have anyone besides Shepherd returning kicks? Okay sorry I had to get that in. 

Rodgers had some words on his wideout as well…

"I have a lot of love for Marquez. I see the guy every single day, see how much he cares about it. It happens, unfortunately. A lot of it is fundamentals, carrying the ball, but I've had my fair share of fumbles. It was just bad timing, obviously. … But that stuff happens. He made a big play at the end of regulation to kind of get us going on third-and-10. Disappointed for him, disappointed for us." 

If the Pack are going to make any noise in the playoffs MVS is going to have a hand in helping make it happen. That's a fact and that's why you live with him.