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Fact: You've Gotta Be A Certified Clown To Fight A Ref

For starters real quick, I can't imagine this is actually a beer league game. You can hear some people making a commotion in the background and there's not a single beer league on the planet that would even have 1 fan in attendance to be filming this fight in the first place. But regardless of whatever level of hockey this is, the point remains the same. 

You've gotta be a complete scum of the Earth to drop the mitts and try to fight a ref. 

Sure, this video clearly doesn't tell the whole story. Obviously there was a shit ton of shit that went down that led of to this point. But you fight a ref in any case, you're just proving to everybody that you don't give a damn about the game or any of your teammates. Because as soon as you fight a ref, you know the game has to get called right there. You fight the other team even in a league where fighting isn't allowed, you might catch a sussy but at least the game still goes on. You fight a ref, you fuck your whole squad. At the very least, you're a shitty teammate. 

But you're an even worse human being because at some point, refs are going to become extinct. At some point, they're going to realize it's just not worth it anymore. I get that most refs suck at their job and we hate the hell out of them. But that's just part of the game. Refs suck, you chirp the refs, the refs make a bunch of horrible calls to get back at you for chirping, you chirp some more, rinse and repeat. But you won't even be able to get a puck dropped if refs are worried about getting into a tilly out there. They'll just stop showing up. No refs, no game. So you fight a ref, not only do you not care about your squad but you don't care about anyone else who plays the game of hockey either. Making you a complete and total pigeon. 

Looks like stripes held his own there in that tilt. Good for him.