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Joe Burrow Tweets That He Is Out For The Remainder Of The Season, Says "See Ya Next Year"


You never want to see a guy go down, ever. You especially don't want to see a young, very likable QB like Joe Burrow go down the way he did today, ending with him getting carted off the field.



All we can hope for is a full recovery from Joey. I'm sure we will learn the extent of his leg injury in the days to come, and the rehab might be tough, but there's no doubt he will bounce back. All I hope is he doesn't rush back. We saw another guy sustain a major knee injury on FedEx Field's turf, one RG3, who rushed back and it set him back even more. Burrow should take all the time it takes, plus more, to make sure he's 100%. We're all rooting for him and can't wait to see him back under center as soon as he's ready.


Patrick McDermott. Getty Images.