If The 6-3 Cleveland Browns Win Today, The Cleveland Browns Will Be 7-3


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Yes Regis, that's my final answer. Being a 6-3 football team, and winning today, would make the CLEVELAND BROWNS A 7-3 FOOTBALL TEAM!!!!! And you all can say whatever you want about our schedule, Baker Mayfield, or the city of Cleveland, you simply cannot shit on a 7-3 record. It's not possible. And yes, I'm talking directly to YOU. The majority of readers on this site are from Boston, New York, and Chicago. Add in DC and Philly if you want. And you guys can all add up your wins combined and it still doesn't touch 7-3. So if the Browns win today, you guys can all take a billion seats.

And honestly, if this were any other year than 2020, I think these Browns would probably walk right over the 3-win Eagles at home this afternoon. Well, maybe not walk. Probably run right through, or around, depending on if Kareem Hunt or Nick Chubb has the ball. But we're in the midst of a pandemic and coronavirus has struck the Browns hard this week. I thought this was going to be an easy win, but now we have a HUGE roadblock:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ugh, you know it's bad when the helmet on the grass photo comes out. Myles Garrett has tested positive for covid, and he's unable to play today.

Hey OBJ: what ever happened to covid mutually respecting the bodies of Greek gods? You're telling me that covid wanted a piece of THIS?

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Ugh. Literally the one player we can't play without. Take Baker Mayfield and we'll live. Take Nick Chubb or Kareem Hunt and we'll still have the other. Take OBJ….you already did…and we'll be okay. But don't take Myles Garrett. Anyone but Myles Garrett. In the middle of a playoff race, no less!

By my calculations, at least either the Titans or Ravens will lose this week. The Browns SHOULD be having an easy win against the Eagles, and we'd be moving on up. But I do not feel that way any longer. Not without Myles Garrett anchoring the defense. 10 points ain't gonna get it done this week, boys. 

I'll say this: Carson Wentz must've gotten his prayers answered earlier this week. He's been sacked 35 times this year, more than any QB in the league. And Myles Garrett leads the NFL in sacks AND attempted murders. Missing Myles Garrett absolutely blows for Browns fans, but if you want to look at the glass half full, a man's life was saved here today. 

I guess also if you're looking at it from a Browns perspective, the less Myles Garrett is in there to sack the quarterback means the more opportunities Carson Wentz will have to throw interceptions. My man is also leading the NFL in that category, too.