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Joey Galloway Comparing Northwestern's Athletic Ability To ESPN's Reece Davis Backfired On Him Big Time Today

Earlier this week Joey Galloway compared the athletic ability of Northwestern to Reece Davis (the ESPN anchor). I get the joke from Joey Galloway. When you think Northwestern, you think library, not athletes. However, their football squad this year? They are actually prettyyyyy good. 

They proved that today taking down Wisconsin 17-7 while stealing a few towels along the way:

After the game, Fitzgerald laid into Joey Galloway:

Absolutely gotta love all the players yelling Galloway's name in the background. The boys were absolutely buzzing! I'd say we should make some shirts, but the only Northwestern fan I know is Whitesox Dave, who is also an alum.

This isn't the first time Fitzgerald has erupted on an ESPN employee:

“I want to give an extra special shoutout to Danny Kanell and the ESPN crew. They told us we’d just be happy to be here, and our motivation would be low. … That was a video I showed the guys when we showed up in New York. I think it put things in perspective for where we’re at. That’s the last thing we saw video wise today. So I greatly appreciate external motivation. I’m proud to blow up their bowl season predictions.”