The Knicks Continue To Be The Smartest Franchise In The NBA By Targeting Only Kentucky Players: Sign Nerlens Noel To A 1-Year Deal

It's happening! Yeah, I said the smartest franchise in the NBA because it's pretty clear what's happening here. The Knicks read my blogs. Plain and simple. Me, Leon Rose and World Wide Wes are running the Knicks. Can't think of three smarter guy than us three. The plan? Just bring in as many Kentucky people as possible and profit. First it was Kenny Payne. Then it was not trading Julius Randle or Kevin Knox. Then it was drafting Immanuel Quickley. Now it's signing Nerlens Noel. Pretty soon it'll be KAT, Devin Booker, John Wall and eventually Anthony Davis. I'm sure of it. This isn't the regular New York Knicks. This isn't your Steve Mills New York Knick. This is Leon Rose and World Wide fucking Wes. This is a new day. Clem knows it. 

Here's the thing. Kenny Payne is known as being one of the best developers and coaches for big men. So you bring in guys that he's known to work with. Nerlens Noel was a monster before he tore his ACL at Kentucky. Julius Randle was a monster at Kentucky. You bring in guys that were lottery picks with a ton of potential on contracts that don't cripple you and see what Payne can do with them. Plus, you have an experienced guy, who was a defensive guy first coming in to work with Mitchell Robinson for a year? Love it. LOVE IT. 

The Leon Rose era is here folks. Can't wait to watch our Kentucky Knicks. Can't wait at all. Hit the fucking music.