This Crazy Fight Ending Was Something Straight Out Of A Movie

Holy shit! Get those fellas a couple cigs after that one!

Tonight's card (UFC 255) may be flying under the radar a bit due to the lack of big name stars booked, but the fights themselves HAVE been pretty damn great thus far, and we're still yet to see what I'm calling the "People's Main Event" between Brandon Moreno and Brandon Royval (the last fight on free TV this evening)!

I figured the finish to this fight between Alan Jouban and Jared Gooden deserved its own blog, though, because it was something straight out of a movie. Jouban BADLY wanted the finish in his first fight back since rehabbing a torn ACL, and put every ounce of power and strength he had left into squeezing down on that choke......but he just couldn't get it. Gooden survived. 

It looked like Gooden even thought about tapping out for a second, but he hung in there and endured 'til he heard the horn. Absolutely awesome moment of drama from all angles tho - the commentary, the choke, the way the ref was watching them - I mean, the only thing that coulda put it MORE over the top would've been the up-and-down arm count from pro wrestling.....

Hope everyone's havin an alright night and enjoying the fights!