Tristan Thompson Is Heading To The Boston Celtics

I know the Gordon Hayward wounds are still fresh. That shit cut deep there’s no two ways about it and getting nothing for him sure is brutal. But we have to move on, and one big piece to the puzzle is now secured. This team needed big man help, everyone wanted it this offseason, and now you don’t need to be tied to a bad contract to get it. While Tristan Thompson isn’t some sort of offensive juggernaut, he is a FANTASTIC rebounder and a good defender. Of all the options out there I didn’t think he’d be in their range, but he’s coming on MLE money. That’s a win.

You can start him next to Theis and move Theis to the four or just keep Tatum there and start TT. There is no replacing Hayward’s production but this team still has needs to address and this moves checks one of those boxes. Now find a backup wing and point guard for low money and an offseason that went from being a complete disaster will start to recover.