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The Pacers 2020 City Jerseys May Have Leaked And I Love Them

Oooooh baby. The return of the pinstripes it looks like for the Pacers heading into 2020-21. 


I was beginning to wonder what they could possibly come up with as the Pacers typically go fairly conservative to not piss off the Larry Bird loving, turtleneck wearing Pacers faithful. If these are the case this season then with all due respect partna I think they knocked it out of the park. 

Looks like they're going back to the early 2000 Pacers that featured white home jerseys with navy blue pinstripes, road navys with gold pinstripes and of course the alternate gold with navy pinstripes. 

A lot of good Pacers memories in these. They wore them in their one and only NBA Finals trip back in 2000 led by Reggie Miller. I would guess that's their way of paying homage to that Finals team on it's 20th anniversary perhaps?

For reference: 

These look to have the modern font and color scheme with a lighter blue while still sticking true to the basics of "Indiana" across the chest and the pinstripe theme. 

Very good. 

The "Indy 500" theme had already been done before last season and in 2017-2018 the first season of City themed jerseys so it'll be a nice break to get away from that tandem. 

I still think there's a lot of room to work there in the future with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but two out of three years with honoring Indy Car driver suits was getting redundant to say the least. In the future I'd still love to see some sort of tie in to the flags incorporated in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway logo. 

A wild combination of those colors green, white, blue, checkered, red, black, yellow would be insane. Make halfcourt or the baselines the yard of bricks whenever they wear them at home at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. That's the point of City jerseys. You get to be a little flashy and out of the ordinary, but for now, I think they nailed them with bringing back the pinstripes. 

If that's actually to be the case.