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Serious Question: Is Ohio State Really Supposed To Be Nervous For #9 Indiana Today......?

Is it though? 

Like seriously, is it?

I know that the AP voters and ESPN and Fox need to hype up games to get ratings, but like, are we all on the same page that this is NOT a big game? I heard someone on television this morning call it a "Top 10 Showdown in Columbus". Haha, okay. Let's be honest with each other: Indiana is not the #9 team in the country, and there are not 2 teams better than the #3 Buckeyes. And I thought Vegas made this clear to everyone when they made the Buckeyes 20.5 point favorites, but then I saw Rovell drop this bomb on us this last night.

Ugh. This future of this country is so screwed. Not because of covid or politics or anything like that, but because if the majority of the public thinks that the Hoosiers play within 3 scores of the Buckeyes today then this country will be burning down here shortly. Is everyone watching the same football that I am? Yeah, in a normal year, beating Michigan, Penn State, and Michigan State would be an impressive resume for a 4-0 Indiana team. But I'm not sure that those schools could get through the Division 1 High School Playoffs in Ohio this year. Indiana's opponents' combined record this year is 3-13. Uhhh, not exactly murderer's row there, folks.

I expect this one to go just like the last 24 times these two programs have met. Buckeyes, by a lot. In fact, I expect it to be a lot closer to the 51-10 win we had last year than the 49-26 close game we played the year before that. The positive here is that since the media has decided to make this a "big game", Justin Fields can pad his Heisman resume and the Buckeyes have an unexpected opportunity to make a statement to the College Football Playoff Committee. I just hope that when we blow the breaks off the "#9 team in the country", we get the same sort of respect that Florida would get for beating Texas A&M. Or that Georgia would get for for losing a close SEC game.