I've Completely Lost Faith In Humans Ability To Think Because People Are ACTUALLY Arguing That This Was Pass Interference Against Purdue

Just watch the replay. I don't care about what screenshot you time perfectly to have Durham's arm extended in a clearly running motion. Just for once have a functional brain, watch the replay, and understand it's a horrible call. 

The internet truly can be so damn exhausting. I mean there are actually people who will convince themselves to make the argument this isn't a bad call and they'll do so until they're 6 feet under. 

It reminds me of that scene from "Role Models" where they have footage as clear as day of the dude sitting in the office robbing a place. I mean no questions asked. They freeze frame it and everything and the guy just keeps saying "That is not me." 

The guy even admits it's him ON CAMERA. Still "that is not me". 

That's how fanbases and people online get when it comes to calls. It's insane. Durham was quite literally running a corner route and in his motion of running (for real this time A-Rod), he maybe MAYBE makes a little contact with the corner trailing who by the way was trying his damndest to grab Durham with both arms. 

I had to watch the replay at least 8 times before I could even comprehend thoughts of how anyone with a functioning brain and who didn't have Minnesota tonight would make that call. 

And yes, Purdue had another shot. Yes, Purdue left points on the field. But that's not my argument. My argument is just to simply, no matter how many Gopher heads you own or how many ores you row during the game, to simply admit that just was not offensive pass interference and it wasn't even close. 

But that won't happen. This is Twitter. Choose your side. Even if it's unbelievably wrong.