It Turns Out You Are *Not* Allowed to Enter the Field With a Chainsaw for a JUCO Football Game

If you were wondering whether Mississippi junior college football teams are allowed to make their entrance with a chainsaw, the answer is apparently not.

Mississippi Gulf Coast tried to make its entrance onto the field Thursday night like a football team ready for The Purge to spontaneously break out, but the officials were having none of it. I can only imagine the conversation the officials had trying to determine which of them had to go tell the offensive lineman wielding a chainsaw that he wasn't going to be allowed to carry it onto the field.

But once they've got it out of the tunnel, what good is not letting it go across to the sideline? The damage is really already done at that point. It's on the field, just let them hold it up in the air while they run across the field. This is why anybody watches Mississippi junior college football to begin with.

But if you're going to come out with a chainsaw, you better be sure you're going to win, because those memes are going to be ruthless after a loss which started with wielding a chainsaw. But Gulf Coast was reasonably confident, because it won 35-8 and held Jones County Junior College to -27 yards rushing.

It's just unfortunate that in today's America, you can't even run onto a football field brandishing a chainsaw anymore.