Charli D'amelio (World's Biggest TikTok Star) Boom Roasts Dave By Calling Him "Dave Portbelly" In Latest Podcast

Charli D'Amelio is the biggest star on TikTok and it's not close. The 16-year-old from Norwalk, CT has the most followers of anyone on the app with 29.3 million to spare.

Yesterday, you may have seen the TikTok from the office stating that "we stand with Charli D'Amelio."

This came after Charli was getting "canceled" after a "controversial" video was released by them eating dinner with a famous chef. You can read more about that here. 

All that you need to know is that Charli started losing followers due to complaining about "not hitting 100 million followers quick enough." Barstool Sports made the brave decision to take the stance that we stand with Charli. At the beginning of the video, you can hear Dave butcher Charli's last name. It didn't take long for her to strike back.



Send Dave to the BURN unit.

Disgusting slander of the boss that made this company (and my current life) possible!!!! I would get a little bit more fired up, but this is a 16-year-old who said this, and attacking the Charli/Dixie/Damelio army is a dumb, dumb thing to do.

Dixie, Charli's sister, went on to refer to Dave as Dave Corduroy. I don't get that joke, but I did chuckle a bit. I wouldn't be shocked to learn they were referring to Dave as these names because he has continually messed up their names.

Why were they even talking about Dave? It all relates back to the BFFs pod and Alex Cooper, who said Dixie is apart of a fake relationship with her boyfriend, Noah Beck.

So, yeah, I know that you're gonna comment "this is dumb" and "no one cares" but here's the thing….people care about this. A lot of people do. Is it kinda dumb? Yeah, but everything is kinda dumb when it comes down to it.