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COUNTERPOINT: Fauci Just Missed the Perfect Opportunity to Help Financially Struggling Parents

As I'm sure you've heard, Fauci announced Santa Clause is immune to Corona, which Clem described as a "BIIIIIIIIIIG win for Saint Nick and the billon or so Catholics around the world"

You know who it's not a big win for tho? Parents struggling financially due to the lockdowns. Now I'm not saying that's Fauci's fault. I'm placing the blame for that on science like a true libtard. But the very least Fauci could have done for the parents whose businesses have suffered during quarantine, is to say Santa has to socially distance this holiday season as well. Children across the world would be devastated for sure but they're not the ones who have to worry about dying from coronavirus. On the other hand we got parents around the country with both weakened bank accounts and immune systems who are in desperate need of relief. Cancelling Christmas would do just that. I've never had kids but imagine it's pretty damn stressful trying to satisfy your children's Christmas list every year. PS5s are like what? $500? As Kid Cudi once said 

"On Christmas time, my mom Christmas grind
Got me most of what I wanted, how'd you do it mom, huh?"

Fauci could have told these parents that in 2020 they don't have to "Christmas Grind" because Santa needs to stay quarantined on the North Pole but HE BLEW IT! 

Now to counter my counterpoint: Would every parent not buying Christmas presents one year completely tank the economy? Who the hell knows.

P.S. You know what has always confused me? In the movie Santa Clause with Tim Allen the parents don't believe in Santa. Obviously in that movie Santa is in fact real. So that begs the question, if they didn't believe in Santa, who the hell did they think was breaking into their house and leaving presents under the tree every year?