Andy Dalton Explains What It’s Like To Be Concussed And Have Covid At The Same Time

Way back on October 25th, in the midst of an awful game against the Washington Football Team, Andy Dalton was levelled by a cheap shot from linebacker Jon Bostic.

Bostic was fined $12k by the league for this hit, and Dalton went into concussion protocol, setting him on a rough road to miss the next two games. In a recent press conference, Dalton admitted he “doesn’t remember everything” that happened after he got his bell rung.

In other words, he got hammered so hard he had memory loss.

And yet, it wasn’t the end of the suffering for Dalton, who somehow came down with covid during concussion protocol -- making him the first player in NFL history to go through TWO NFL protocols at the same time.

Speaking of his concussion, Dalton said this at his weekly presser:

“Headaches and different things … by the end of that week I felt pretty good and was hoping to get cleared for Pittsburgh … by the end of that week the headaches were going away. … In the moment you don’t realize it, and then in the aftermath, you are missing some of your memory of what happened. You definitely don’t want that happening.”

Yet that wasn’t even the worst thing that happened to him in the past three weeks. He and his wife (and one of his three children) contracted coronavirus, and immediately went into covid protocol. He noted: 

"It was a little frustrating. You miss the one game because of the concussion, first time dealing with that, and then the COVID. It's like, it all kind of hit at once. I wish I could have been out there. I wish I could have played in the two games that I missed." 

Although he’s been cleared to play, there are still lingering side effects of covid. 

"I eventually lost smell and taste. I’m still trying to get that back. … You can tell things are sweet, you can tell things are salty. You just don't get the flavor with it. I can eat really healthy right now, and it doesn’t matter, because I can’t taste it."

Dalton takes on his old coach Mike Zimmer on Sunday, having successfully been cleared of both protocols. Like the Cowboys, Dalton’s run of luck this year has been horrific. And while I hope that the Cowboys continue losing so they can draft Sewell in the #2 or #3 slot, it’s nothing personal against Dalton, who by all accounts is a very good dude.

I hope at least on a personal level, Dalton’s luck improves. As for the Cowboys?