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Oh You Just LOVE To See A Completely Neutral Party Using Facts And Correctly Named Kentucky The Greatest College Basketball Program Ever

[CBS] - Kentucky is unequivocally the most successful and consistent program in college basketball in the past 10 years, the past 20, 30, 40, 60 and even 80 years. UK's 131 NCAA Tournament wins: most ever. Its 2,320 wins in history: most ever. How about this: it has made 21 Elite Eights NOT including the years it also went to the Final Four, which adds another nine to that pile. By far the most ever. Kentucky's 102 top-60 NBA picks since 1946: most ever. It's been ranked for 919 weeks, tops in college basketball history. The 59 NCAA Tournament bids outpaces No. 2 North Carolina by NINE. 

But Kentucky by far has the best trio of elite coaches in basketball history: Rupp, Pitino, Calipari. Since 2009, Calipari has redefined how to recruit and thrive in college hoops, peeling off the greatest run of pros in college basketball history. 

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I can preach to the world about Kentucky but allow me to use facts and a third party who is completely neutral. How can you argue with numbers? How can you argue with someone that's not me. It's that simple. Kentucky is the gold standard. There is no one in college basketball like Kentucky and it's not particularly close. Those facts say as much. Titles? Got them. Winning games in the NCAA Tournament? Every year. Sending guys to the pros? Absolutely. Consistently being ranked? Always. Having NINE more trips to the NCAA Tournament is an insane number. Then again, I can't be surprised about anything Kentucky does that's a success. That's simply what happens when you're the best program ever. 

And Norlander is right. There's not a program in the country that has a better trio of coaches than Kentucky. There's not even someone you can throw out there. Who you putting with UNC? Matt Doherty? Duke? Good luck there. UCLA? Mick Cronin might make the cut. It's just an absolute domination of a sport. It's that simple. 

So scream all you want. Argue all you want. You're wrong. Facts say so. Numbers say so. Success says so. It's another goddamn great day to wake up a Kentucky fan. See everyone in 5 days.