Wake Up With A Heavyweight Bout Featuring Kevin Gregg And David Ortiz


Maybe my least favorite Orioles player ever, Kevin Gregg poking the bear that is David Ortiz is always hilarious. Gregg threw a pitch inside that Ortiz for sure didn't like. IDK if there was any ill will, but the pitch was thrown. Second pitch wasn't too inside either, but the third pitch got under Ortiz's skin. Some finger pointing, some name calling, Ortiz walks out ta few steps, but thats about it. 3-0 and Gregg lays one down the pipe that Ortiz pops up. You'd think that is where it ends but that's only the start. Gregg starts chirping at Ortiz and pointing to first base, now he's pissy that Ortiz was taking his time in the box and David has had enough. He didn't even pretend in being interested in going to first, he veers off to the mound and these two behemoths start throwing some haymakers. None of them land, but those were some heavy punches. They got Ortiz out of there and from there it was a bunch of pushing and shoving.

If these hippos would have connected with a punch or 2, man it would have been a hell of a knockout. And how about the umpire? He tosses Gregg out before Ortiz even puts the bat down. He was DROOLING waiting for something to happen. Then he instinctually tried to break it up and quickly realized that he had no business breaking up the fight. Amazing restraint by him. Again, who knows WHY Kevin Gregg was trying to start something with David Ortiz of all people, kind of deserved to get your face re-arranged if you are throwing at someone. Anyways, they kind of ended up just sumo wrestling and bumping bellies with each other and bouncing off. Still one of the funnier "fights" to watch. 

Enjoy your Friday, friends.