Leon Rose Simply Can't Stop, Won't Stop Dominating The League: The Knicks Are Signing Myles Powell

Oh my God Leon Rose just refuses to stop dominating the league. First it was the master class in the draft not trading up and still getting Obi Toppin. Then turning picks 27 and 38 into 25 and 33. Then it was landing Immanuel Quickley. Then it was trading pick 33 to stash later because of roster number. It's a masterclass.

But now? Now he's out here signing Myles Powell. Take it away Gus.

WHAT TRENTON MAKES. THE WORLD TAKES. Just an A+ call and why we need Gus Johnson doing Knicks games now. You know Myles Powell right? One of the best scorers in college basketball last year. A guy who is a hometown kid, stayed local to play at Seton Hall and is now signing with the Knicks? Yeah, this guy

Powell is coming off a year where he scored 21 points per game. He's a career 32% 3pt shooter, which I know may scare some people but the dude can shoot. It was his job to create offense and chuck up a bunch of shots so while it looks inefficient, it's how Seton Hall played offensively through him. He can create for himself in ISO sets, can catch and shoot and is made to play off the ball. 

Listen, two-way deals are important. These are guys that we've seen turn into something since they became a thing. Powell is a low risk, HIGH reward guy that can fit in with a Knicks need. He's someone who will immediately be a fan favorite too with being local and can go get 40 in a college game when needed. Scoring translates. Being a guy who can create your own shot translates. That's what Powell is. It was a little bit of a surprise he didn't get drafted late in the second round, so stealing him as an undrafted free agent is huge. Plus, when Fred VanVleet, a former UDFA, signs with the Knicks he can give him all the advice about making it. 

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