Dudes Rock

Happy International Men's Day to all the fellas out there. It's about friggin' time that we gents finally get a day to ourselves. And on this joyous occasion, it's important to remember just how much dudes rock. 

One shining example of that is the Onbashira Festival in Japan. An event that occurs every 6 years in which a bunch of dudes drag some giant ass logs to the top of a steep hill, and then proceed to ride those logs down the hill trying to stay on for as long as possible. The type of shit that only the dude brain could come up with. 

This festival has been going on for 1200 years. That just goes to show that it doesn't matter when or where in the world you are. Dudes are always going to be awesome. Could be halfway across the world before the invention of the printing press, could be in your backyard this weekend. Doesn't matter. So happy Dudes Day to you and yours. Hope the squad gets in one this weekend to celebrate, and try your best not to chop down your neighbors tree just so you can bomb it down a hill. I feel like that's pretty frowned upon outside of the Onbashira Festival.