What Twitter Would Have Looked Like For The Malice At The Palace

November 19, 2004 is a night that will forever live in NBA lore and infamy. 16 years ago.

16 years ago tonight the Pacers and Pistons made some ugly but remarkably memorable NBA history. 

16 years ago tonight was the "Malice At The Palace".

Everyone seems to have their own "man I saw that live" story when in all reality they probably didn't. It was a blowout of a game late on a Friday night in November. The season was early. Let's be real. Not everyone saw this one live. It's ok. 

But there's one thing I think we all can agree on, and one that's been talked about plenty of times before, and that's how badly we wish Twitter would have been around for that fateful night in Auburn Hills. 

Here's how I think it would have looked: