Hugh Freeze Appears to Be Searching His Own Name on Twitter and DMing People Who Talk Shit About Him

Well this is an interesting one. With Will Muschamp already out at South Carolina and other schools weighing if they can afford to fire their coaches given the current economic situation in collegiate athletics, Liberty's Hugh Freeze is the hottest name in college football right now. Whether he takes a big job this year or stays at Liberty for one more season, Freeze is going to have his pick of positions for another crack at the big time.

But he's apparently out here searching his own name on Twitter and sending DMs to anyone who is less than enthusiastic about their school potentially hiring the embattled coach. The two above are from Tennessee fans who said they wouldn't want Freeze in the event Jeremy Pruitt is fired this season — that's just not going to happen regardless of how UT's season finishes, but there will always be coaching discussion sin Knoxville — but when I mentioned this to JackMac and Brandon, they knew all about this practice. He's apparently been doing this for years.

What a weird move. Freeze currently makes $2 million a year and is going to make at least double that when he inevitably gets hired at another Power Five school and he's still searching his name on Twitter and taking it upon himself to tell his haters to "be blessed." It's actually so weird I'm starting to talk myself into it being the ultimate power move. Just going around blessing people because they have the audacity to not want a guy who was calling hookers on a university phone coaching at their school.

So y'all be on the lookout if you say anything negative about Hugh Freeze on Twitter dot com, because there is a very real chance he will slide into your DMs with a message of blessings.