Rapper Sheck Wes Apparently Entered Last Night's NBA Draft And Shockingly Wasn't Picked - He Did Drop A Song About It Though

Remember Mo Bamba? No, not the NBA player, the song. How could you not? 

Of course you do. You can't watch one college basketball or college football game without hearing it over the speakers. You can't go to one college bar and not hear it. It's still blasted everywhere. Well, the rapper Sheck Wes apparently entered the NBA Draft. No idea how he did that, I guess anyone can put their name in it, but nothing came out until yesterday with it. Shockingly the guy who hasn't played basketball since high school was not drafted. I know, I'm just as shocked as you are. 

Of course we got a song about it though

Quick question though. Why the fuck does Adam Silver look like this? 

Earrings, potentially battling alopecia? Just a bizarre look, but now I can't see Adam Silver any other way. I need Adam Silver to get some ice in his ears right this second. Come out for the start of the season with a couple of studs like he's 19 and drunk at Ocean City. 

If anyone can just enter the draft to promote shit? Well, look out 2021 NBA Draft. I had a more successful basketball career than Sheck Wes, so I should be able to enter. See everyone for a blog promoting this after the 2021 Draft.