Dr. Nicholas Christakis Hopped On Joe Rogan To Talk About The Moderna and Pfizer Vaccines And Tries To Kill A Few Incorrect Narratives About Them

I said yesterday that I truly believe we're rounding the turn and heading for the home stretch for this fucking virus:

That's straight from a doctor. No political spin or agenda was put on that message, much to the dismay of people who are hellbent on politicizing this virus as much as possible. Take it as you will. As far as the Rogan interview - I'll trust Dr. Christakis too. Dr. Christakis was only named to the Time 100 most influential people in the world. The interview (though Christakis is kinda a shitty speaker and you could tell Rogan was annoyed with him) gave a lot of info, namely this... there are MORONS out there that think that because the COVID survival rate hovers around 99.5%, they shouldn't take a vaccine that is only ~95% effective. 

Ummm hey idiots. The Moderna and Pfizer vaccine candidates, in theory, protect about 95% of people from getting the coronavirus altogether. That, and if you do get the vaccine, your immune system is much stronger in fighting the virus should numbers not fall in your favor and you do contract COVID after getting vaccinated, which is possible. It has nothing to do with death or survival rates of the virus itself. Those will remain the same, more or less, but if 95% of the population cannot contract the virus once the vaccine is administered to the entire populace, deaths via COVID will plummet. 

Long story short - we're almost there. WE'RE ALMOST THERE. The last two weeks have bred a ton of good news and come 2021, we should be down the stretch... hopefully. Thank god for Operation Warp Speed and hats off to all of the people who seemingly worked 24/7/365 to make this happen. Now let's distribute these two vaccines and pack some baseball stadiums. Sound good? Good.

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