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Best Son Ever: Isaac Okoro Surprised His Parents With A Brand New Range Rover Moments After Being Picked 5th Overall

What a fucking move here by Isaac Okoro. Get drafted 5th overall and then immediately surprise your parents with a brand new Range Rover moments later. What a feeling for both parties here too. You're talking about a 21-year old buying your parents a Range Rover and coming into millions of dollars when all he got was a scholarship and maybe a BBQ at Bruce Pearl's house at Auburn. Can't imagine that feeling. On the other side you have the parents who busted ass driving Okoro all over the damn place for AAU and doing what parents do. 

Now full disclosure I have a son. He now has a bar to meet. If he doesn't surprise me with a brand new car the moment after achieves success, we're going to have problems. I'm already working on him being a lefty and getting him to sit down and watch film. Next is getting him to grow. Well, next is really getting him to start shitting in the toilet, but that's neither here nor there. I can't imagine the feeling of your kid making it to the pros like this. Gotta be a top-1 feeling. 

I love the dad's reaction here. Just shock that he's about to get a Range Rover and the fall back move is A+. So shout out Isaac Okoro, who is now part of Bachelor nation as well. 

We're going to end this blog with Madi, the daughter of Auburn's assistant coach and former member of the Bachelor. I miss her on the show.