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Leon Rose Completely Dominates The NBA Draft Pick Trading Process And Gets Kentucky PG Immanuel Quickley At 25

When was the last time the Knicks looked like a puppet master instead of a dummy with strings up its ass? The Leon Rose Era couldn't be off to a better start after drafting the A10 and SEC Players of the Year with their two first round picks. 

Not only did Leon Rose pick talented players but he picked guys he knew, since Obi is a CAA client and Quickley played college ball at Kentucky. Now that Leon and Worldwide Wes are here, they need to open the doors at MSG and let anybody who checks either of those boxes in. The University of Kentucky should be essentially a minor league team for the Knicks for as long as Leon is in charge.

Quickley apparently had a 2nd round grade on a lot of boards, but those boards don't mean shit after tonight. I'll personally always take a Kentucky point guard that can shoot and defend.

That idiot Reags will probably have some much better intel on Quickley since he's a Kentucky fan and actually knows something about basketball, unlike his complete boneheaded views on football. But honestly, what else would you expect from a Kentucky fan?

I'm not sure what the endgame is with getting this bundle of electricity and trading him for a 2023 2nd round pick from the Pistons considering 2023 may never actually happen.

But I'm excited I can go to bed tonight knowing the Knicks are in good hands for the first time since Donnie Walsh escaped the reign of Dolan.