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Wake Up With James Loney Trying To Hit A Wiffleball


Watching wiffelballs flutter through the air and people miss by 8-12 inches is hilarious. It's even funnier when it's a guy who played in the bigs for 11 years and had a career average of .284. Goes to show how insanely hard it is to hit a super sick wiffelball pitcher. Sports Science saying some pitches he was throwing were breaking 48 INCHES. Insane lol. I mean when James Loney says he could hit one, but not square it up, just insane. All-time summer game too, wiffleball is classic and if you are near one of those yellow bats it's a legal obligation to pick it up and swing it a few times too. Everyone had the one friend who could absolutely fling a wiffleball and it's literally impossible to hit. Those guys just aren't fun to play with.