Obi Toppin Breaking Down In His Interview And Saying 'I'm From New York. That's Why It's Important' Makes This Knicks Pick Even Better

What a goddamn time to be alive. The Knicks didn't have to trade to 5 to take Obi Toppin. When's the last time the Knicks caught a break? Allan Houston's runner vs the Heat? Larry Johnson's 4 point play? And now the 2020 NBA Draft. Obi falling to 8 feels like it never happens for the Knicks. He would have gone 7. They would have traded way too much to move up. But this is all that matters. They get the guy who won National Player of the Year. They have a guy who can stretch out and initiate offense as a point forward. He's a playmaker and can play with his back to the basket. He can also dunk with the best of them. 

Having his brother and current UK player Jacob on the iPad while wearing a Knicks hat? My heart is full. 

Oh he's also the best pick and roll big in the draft. He gets to work with Kenny Payne. This is by all accounts a big time fucking pick. Can he improve on defense? Sure. But there are weaknesses for every player, so pick which one you want to argue about. We got a guy from New York saying things like this in his interview. 

Welcome home, Obi. AIN'T NO FUCKING STOPPIN OBI TOPPIN. Print a zillion shirts. Let's start the rebuild.