"The Chicago Bulls Pick Michael Jordan From The University of North Carolina"

Arguably the most important moment in Chicago sports history and the clip isn't even a minute long. There's no drama. No theatre or emotion. Just a 41 year old David Stern crisply and quickly telling the world that the Bulls select Michael Jordan from The University of North Carolina. MJ isn't even on site to take a picture and put on the stupid hat. He's in Bloomington, Indiana training with the head coach he just beat weeks earlier in the Sweet Sixteen. Honestly couldn't even be bothered to witness the singularly most significant moment in his basketball career. Blazers at 2? Bulls at 3? Who gives a fuck when you're 2 months out from the '84 Summer Olympics. Unsurprisingly, not Michael Jordan. 

I'm not sharing this video because I think it's overly interesting. If anything it's immensely boring especially relative to the spectacle it's grown into. You can very obviously thank MJ for that evolution. But at a higher level - it's important because I want to remind my friends and family across Chicago that the fate of our sports happiness can change overnight. And not just overnight but in less than a minute. That's all it took to announce MJ to the Bulls 36 years ago and we're still reliving his career in painstaking detail. 

I know the last couple days have been brutal. I'd argue few people know the pain worse than me. From the Bears dumpster fire to Theo walking out to COVID coming back with a vengeance. Everyone is miserable with dwindling optimism on the horizon. We're surrounded by necessary fire sales with indecisive leaders paving the way. FUCK THAT. 

Maybe not the quickest fix, but we can flip all this shit around starting tonight. The Karnivore is about to make his first mark in Chicago. One of the most respected, coveted, brilliant front office minds in a field of ever emerging brains. He's got his coach, he's got his philosophy and his checkbook, and now he's about to make his first pick. I'm not saying we're waking up tomorrow with Michael Jordan but you better fucking believe we'll be better off than we are right now. All things considered that's a major win for Chicago sports fans. 

PS - I might just say fuck it and go all in on the Bulls. Abandon everything I've ever learned about Chicago Sports and put the Bulls at the top of my emotional leaderboard. Someone stop me.