So Kyler Murray Said "Never Say Never" When Asked About Playing Baseball Again, Eh?


Unless you've been living in a cave for the last 3 months you know Kyler Murray is putting the NFL on notice. Much like Lamar Jackson did last year in Baltimore, he's showing us a skillset we have rarely seen in the NFL. You saw what he did on Sunday with his insane game winning throw, and he's arguably on the short list for MVP. We all know the background of Murray too, an unreal baseball player who was picked top 10 in the MLB Draft by Oakland, only player ever picked in the first round of the MLB and NFL draft. Long story short is he's a special athlete. When he went on Tiki and Tierney this week the baseball question came up and he gave a pretty interesting answer. 

“I miss baseball, for sure...For me, I wish I could do both. I definitely feel like I could. I never say never.”

Obviously he's a competitive guy who has probably been the best player on any team he's ever stepped foot on, and thats in 2 sports. So naturally he would say he wishes he could do both at the same time. But the fact that he isn't slamming the door shut on baseball has to give baseball fans, and Oakland fans in general a special feeling in their body. The Athletics still own his rights so you'd have to think their ears perked up when they heard him say this. Maybe he can talk with Prime Time and get some advice on how to navigate those waters, because if there is 1 athlete in sports today who can play both sports at the same time, it's Kyler. Of course he said he misses baseball too, no one is running after you literally trying to remove your head from your body, it's allllll guaranteed money, you stand around for 3 hours, what's not to love?

Obviously if he did this NFL people would go NUTS. There would have to be a bunch of clauses in his contract if he got hurt and all that, but what the hell? Let's fire this talk up. Give me Murray playing a couple on months into the summer to get into football shape and we'll see him back in Arizona when the Athletics ultimately fall short in the playoffs like they always do.