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Is Daniel Jones Actually A Good NFL QB?

I wasn't very high on Daniel Jones coming into this season. I would've 100% took Sam Darnold over him if you asked me on August 20th. In 2019, here are some of his rankings:

DVOA: 30th

DYAR: 31st

QBR: 18th

EPA/play: 25th

PFF: 32nd

ANY/A: 26th

That was right in line with how he performed with Duke....just not very good. I thought this trend would continue and the Giants would live to regret taking Daniel Jones. Another top 10 pick wasted by Gettleman, just like Saquon Barkley (who is great, just wasn't worth his #2 pick). 

Now, for this blog, I wanted to do a little bit of a thought experiment. I had not looked specifically into Daniel Jones and how he was performing this year outside of what my eyes saw when I watched the Giants and the weird Daniel Jones hype train that has emerged on Giants twitter. So, let's compare Daniel Jones to his 2019 season.

DVOA: 29th (up 1)

DYAR: 30th (up 1)

QBR: 19th (down 1)

EPA/play: 32nd (down 7)

PFF: 12th (up 14 spots)

ANY/A: 30th (down 4 spots)

Overall? Not a massive improvement outside of Pro Football Focus' rating, which has gone from a 65.9 to a 78.8. Pro Football Focus is a bit less quantitative than the rest due to a human grading every dropback Daniel Jones takes. It's encouraging for Daniel Jones that he has such an improvement of a grade from them, but I'd like to see his advanced stats improve a bit more. The jury is still out on him, but I am not ready to make a firm stance on him. Year 3 is where QBs historically take their biggest jump and I'd be shocked to see the Giants move on.