Keelan Cole Says He Wants to Stay With the Jaguars Rather Than Being a 'Falcon or Like, a Bird or Some Shit'

When asked Wednesday if he would like to stay in Jacksonville after his one-year contract expires at the end of the 2020 season, Keelan Cole gave an incredible response as to why he'd like to stay with the Jags: being a Jaguar is better than being "a Falcon or like, bird or some shit."

Not the coaching staff, the fans or the $3.2 million this year with no state income taxes. Nope, Cole wants to stay in Jacksonville because they have a cool name. Which is totally fine, but if I was his agent, I'd be a little perturbed that Cole just said he doesn't want to play for five of the 32 teams in the NFL because he doesn't like bird mascots. Does Keelan Cole have a crippling fear of birds?

And it is a little painful that of all the bird franchises he could have picked, he singled out the Falcons as the one he particularly would not want to play for. I know we suck, but Atlanta is cool. The Eagles aren't doing so hot either right now, how about we give them some flack?

Anyway, don't expect Atlanta, Seattle, Arizona, Philadelphia or Baltimore to be in the Keelan Cole sweepstakes this upcoming offseason.