The Guy Who Claims to Have Cucked Jerry Falwell Jr. with Becki Falwell is Telling His Story and the Details are Electric

Ever since the story first broke about Giancarlo Granda, the former hotel pool boy-turned-business partner of Jerry Falwell Jr., claiming he bedded down Becki Falwell while Jerry Jr. watched back in August:

Granda has been relatively quiet.  I mean, there have been all sorts of coverage about the Falwells. Jerry Jr. denied the cucking but admitted Becki was buttering her toast on both sides. They left Liberty University and took a multi-million dollar buyout on their way out the door. There was a 911 call after an alleged drunken tumble started at the top of a staircase and ended in a puddle of blood at the bottom. A Liberty U. band kid claimed Becki gave him oral while he was staying over with their son. The Falwells have been busy bees for sure.

But still, the Pool Boy has pretty much laid in the weeds. Until now. 

Talking Points Memo - Giancarlo Granda first noticed that something was off about Becki Falwell while in bed with her.

It was around three or four in the morning, Granda recalls, when he woke up and noticed Becki staring at him without blinking.

It’s what he’d later come to call “the look” — something that, eight years later, still creeps him out.

But Granda is neither squeamish nor skittish. And nor was he, as a 21 year old, primed to let something a little odd like Becki’s “dark, black eyes” fixating on him in the night give him pause. …

[W]here others saw bible thumpers with an axe to grind against modernity, Granda says he saw a “hot cougar,” an outlet for his own business idea, and, eventually, a second family. …

Granda shared records with TPM that he said back up his version of events. And other reporting suggests that Granda may not be alone in his account. Politico reported earlier this month that Becki told a neighbor about a separate liaison she had had with a Liberty student, saying that Jerry would only be angry about the encounter if he didn’t get to watch. In a statement to Politico, the Falwells called the story “completely false.” …

The Falwells took Granda to dinner at STK Steakhouse — a pricey restaurant in [NYC's] meatpacking district. They shared a dessert that reviews from the time describe as a mixture of “caramel corn, cotton candy, and mini funnel cake.” The confection was called the “carnival ménage à trois.” …

Their status in the political and religious worlds — and its divergence from the lust and debauchery he was immersed in — began to dawn on him in unpleasant ways.

“I was watching some video clips on my phone..Woww!!! These are two people that are very passionate at love-making!” Becki wrote to Granda in a July 2012 text message that surprised the then-21 year old. “But seeing you in person and looking at you in the eyes makes me want to rip your clothes off and get the sh** f* out of me.”

Granda guessed that Jerry had filmed him, and that Becki was in fact watching that video. The Falwells dispute this, and accuse Granda of selling “intimate pictures” of Becki to his friends — a claim Granda denies. …

More and more, Granda would not want to have sex with Becki. By 2013, he would call his sister and tell her that he “physically could not continue” having liaisons with the couple. But whenever he tried to pull away from Becki or tell her that he didn’t want to have sex, he recalls, Jerry would grow furious at her.

The moral majority scion would also threaten Granda, he says, telling him that he would send videos of them having sex to his family and girlfriend.

Becki, in turn, would beg Granda to sleep with her, reminding him of when “we went to bat for you” to buy him the hostel.

“I don’t want this to sound like I’m being forced,” Granda emphasizes to TPM, thinking back to how he felt at the time. “I want to take ownership: I’m gonna bang her.” …

[In 2018] Granda entered the Falwell’s mansion, overlooking the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains.

When Granda walked in, he recalls, Becki was there, and so was Jerry.

It was just like old times: he and Becki had sex, and Jerry watched.

It was after the two concluded, Granda remembers, that Jerry stood, and he and his wife had sex. Jerry denies that he ever watched or participated in Granda having sex with his wife, and maintains that their last encounter was in 2014. …

That winter, Granda tells TPM, he began to consider suicide. But he felt like the Falwells kept enticing him; he showed TPM material from a January 2019 Facetime video where Becki, in the nude, parades around the Falwell house as Jerry lurks behind, watching.

You'll have to forgive me for the ridiculously long excerpt. But what choice did the Falwells leave me with all that (alleged) activity going on. Those two crazy kids are accused of more crazy hijinks than a dozen straight up sex cults. And they're supposed to be the good ones. The Holier Than Thous who live sin-free lives of following the Golden Rule and practicing what they preach. But even if any random paragraph of this is 50% true, they're having more debauchery than anyone I've probably ever met. 

Threeways. Deserts named after threeways. Videos. Secretly recorded videos. Sloppy seconds. Threats of secretly recorded videos. Extortion plots. A guy (reportedly) getting mad when his business partner wouldn't do it with his wife. Depression. Suicidal thoughts. Nude Facetimes. And all of it involving a cougar with eyes like Quint described  a shark has. 

Again I must emphasize that only some of this has been admitted to by the Falwells. The rest is apparently between Giancarlo Granda, his god, and the evidence he has on his phone that he supposedly showed to the reporters at TPM. But regardless of where the truth lies, the one thing we know for sure is the people who until recently were running Liberty U. have a way more interesting life than you and I do. God bless.