Did People Know Richard Marx Wifed Up Daisy Fuentes?

My friend Tony sent me this twitter tweet yesterday asking me if I knew Richard Marx was married to Daisy Fuentes and I spit out my coffee. (Dunkies large, 2 creams, 4 sugars) 

2 pivotal people in my life growing up were married and I had no idea.

But I couldn't be more jealous of Dicky Marx here. 

For one, the guy can sing.

I know he's not as good as that Migos guy is for you young little pussies, but this is what real music sounds like. This is what got girls WAP back in the day. 

And you're also probably asking who the fuck is Daisy Fuentes? (I would slap the taste out of your mouth if you were within arms reach)

She was the princess of MTV back in the day. The crown jewel of hot chicks with personality in the 90s. Every guy wanted to date her, every girl wanted to be her. 

She kind of fell off the map in the 2000s but now I guess we know why. 

Good for you Richard Marx. And happy birthday Daisy.